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Sustainable water technology.


SOURCE® Hydropanel® creates SKY WTR™ from pure water vapor in the air, using only the power of the sun.

We tap the sky for the most sustainable water on the planet.

Sustainably harvested from the atmosphere.

PH balanced with enhanced and essential minerals.

Making water a force to unlock human potential.

Packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum.

Introducing a new standard for the water category: sustainable water.

SKY WTR™ is the first fully sustainable water brand on the market. We start with the cleanest, purest origin: water vapor molecules pulled straight from the air, combined with the perfect balance of minerals to create the best-tasting, most sustainable bottle of water on the planet.

  • Unmatched in purity
  • Mineralized for health and taste
  • Sustainably sourced

Perfectly balanced, renewable drinking water at home every day.

If you love SKY WTR, you can make your own right at home.

Make your own water from sunlight + air with SOURCE® Hydropanel® at home. Get clean, safe, quality water for you and your family – without electricity from the grid or additional infrastructure.

How We Harvest SKY WTR™

1. The sun powers fans that pull air into proprietary hygroscopic material which captures water vapor. 
2. Solar power causes the materials to release the captured vapor in a concentrated air stream.
3. A smart controller ensures that the dew point inside the Hydropanel is above the ambient temperature causing passive condensation of pure water.
4. The pure water is ozonated guaranteeing sterility, and mineralized for health and taste.
5. Water can be plumbed directly into your home, office, or standalone dispenser or other site for easy enjoyment.