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Sustainable water technology.

Change the State of Your Water

From drinking water reliance to drinking water independence.

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Safe, Sustainable, Self-sufficient.

With a SOURCE® Hydropanel® system, you produce your own drinking water at home. Your Hydropanel offers hydration independence, taking pure water from the air, mineralizing it and ensuring it's always optimized for safety, taste, and convenience.

Water Independence, Not Just a Pipe Dream

100% Off-Grid and On Site

SOURCE Hydropanel needs only sunlight and air to create clean, fresh drinking water for your home. No grid needed here.

Protected for Purity

When developing SOURCE Hydropanel, we worked with experts to guarantee your water is not just clean but also optimized for health benefits and taste.

A New Standard for Drinking Water

Sustainable drinking water is about more than just the environment. It's about ensuring independent access your home and family's most important resource.

Powered by Hydropanel® Technology

Our Hydropanel technology pulls water vapor from the air and turns it into liquid water using nothing other than solar power. The system then mineralizes the water for health and taste, and keeps it pure for you to enjoy directly from your tap.

It's not magic, it's American ingenuity.

Three Steps to Water Independence

Step 1

Once you place your deposit, our team will reach out to perform a virtual site survey to determine the best placement for the system either on your roof or in your yard.

Step 2

Next, we’ll schedule installation. Our team of experienced technicians install SOURCE Hydropanel, the storage tank, and the home connection kit, ensuring your system is seamlessly integrated into your home.

Step 3

Your SOURCE Hydropanel begins making water as soon as the sun comes up so you can enjoy clean, fresh drinking water from either a tap in your kitchen sink or refrigerator.
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“It's wonderful having the cleanest possible water always available at the push of a button, chilled from the fridge. Never having to worry about the cleanliness of the municipal supply, especially with kids, provides peace of mind. And, it's just so cool!” - Gene, California Homeowner


“One of my most important values is independence, being self-reliant, being able to take care of myself and the people around me and those I love. It makes me feel powerful. When you have a SOURCE Hydropanel on your house or in your yard, you have the means of your own sustainability. It’s amazing from a technology point of view, but it’s also really good water.” - Bre P., New York Homeowner


“I honestly can’t thank the SOURCE team enough. They provided me and my wife the security and power of being independent from the grid. They provided me with a lifetime of clean water.” - Paul B, Oregon Homeowner

Making water a force for unlocking human potential.

For some, the struggle for consistent access to safe water can halt progress, disenfranchise the defenseless, and unfairly leave countless people behind. Together, with our customers, we forge a new path forward. For every SOURCE sustainable drinking water system sold, 10% of net profits fund Hydropanel farms in communities in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on how many people are living in the household and their drinking water consumption. Each Hydropanel unit will produce approximately 180 standard bottles of water per month. We recommend at least one panel for every two people living in the home.

Hydropanel systems are installed by our professional installation team or one of our certified partners.

SOURCE Hydropanel systems are recommended for locations without a prolonged freeze. When temperatures reach freezing, the system enters hibernation mode and does not produce water or deliver water to the reservoir during that time. Water production and delivery resume when the temperature rises above freezing.

A single Hydropanel unit is 8ft long x 4ft wide x 8.5in tall. The overall height of the unit will depend on your latitude location.

Your water quality is our top priority.

An integrated air filter keeps particulates and debris from entering the system. Water vapor from the air is extracted via a hygroscopic material having a strong affinity to water vapor relative to other gaseous compounds which are exhausted from the system. Using only sunlight, the Hydropanel conversion process raises the dew point to drive condensation of water.
Water stored in your reservoir is protected by an integrated sterilization system, keeping the environment inside the reservoir clean and your water’s quality pristine.

The SOURCE Hydropanel system is designed to produce and maintain drinking water of the highest quality meeting or exceeding water quality standards outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act and local standards at SOURCE installations worldwide.

SOURCE Hydropanel systems are low maintenance.  Like any standard appliance, periodic filter and cartridge changes are required based on use.

It is recommended to change the air filters located on the panel and carbon block and mineralization cartridges near the dispenser once per year.

You can call +1 (855) 796-9283 (Option 2) or contact to schedule a maintenance visit by the SOURCE team or certified partner.

The SOURCE Hydropanel lifespan depends on the weather conditions at the installation location and simple maintenance.

SOURCE Hydropanel technology makes the most important water you need – the water you put in your body. Our Hydropanel systems are designed specifically to provide water for drinking and cooking.

No. SOURCE utilizes solar power for the onboard systems required to produce water and charge the battery to ensure you can dispense water at night. SOURCE can easily coexist with a solar PV array on the same roof to generate energy for your home.

SOURCE produces water in a wide range of climates. The array at our headquarters in Arizona makes water year-long despite low relative humidity in a dry area.

No, SOURCE Hydropanel is completely off-grid and require no electricity.

This depends on how many people are living in the household and their drinking water consumption. Each panel will produce approximately 180 standard bottles (16.9 oz bottles) of water per month. We recommend at least one panel for every two people living in the home.

Each Hydropanel unit's production is based on your location and is dependent on relative humidity and amount of sunlight.

These storage tanks are pressurized so the overall tank has more volume than the actual usable liquid volume.

There are three tank sizes available: 4.8-gallon, 20-gallon, and 40-gallon. This will depend on how much water your household drinks and your local climate. The panels will produce water and feed the tank until the tank is full so that on days without sun, for example, there is still available water in the tank for dispensing.

  • The 4.8-gal tank is 2.8-gal usable and fits underneath a sink. This size is ideal for 1 Hydropanel system or homes that consume a lot of water regularly.
  • The 20-gal tank is 11-gal usable and fits in a utility closet or pantry. This size is ideal for 2 or more Hydropanel systems or users that travel overnight often on long weekends.
  • The 40-gal tank is 22-gal usable and fits in a utility closet. This size is ideal for 2 or more Hydropanel systems or users that travel often for weeks at a time, or those in cold climates that will need more storage over the winter.

Once any size tank is full of SOURCE water, your Hydropanel array will continue to produce water which will then be redirected from the panel via an off-take tube.

There are general installation requirement guidelines on the purchase page. Once your order is placed, you will receive a Virtual Site Survey conducted by our Field Operations team to determine where the best location is to install your Hydropanel system.

SOURCE meets or exceeds water quality standards outlined in the Safe Drinking Water Act and local standards at SOURCE installations worldwide.

Since Hydropanel systems are a solar-powered technology, SOURCE requires exposure to sunlight to make water. Hydropanel arrays in severely cloudy areas may experience lower-than-average production. We encourage customers in these areas to include an additional Hydropanel unit in your array.

Our experienced team of installers and project developers install the SOURCE Hydropanel systems.

We offer in-house service and work with local Certified SOURCE Installation partners to make sure your array receives immediate attention should it need servicing. To schedule service you can reach us at +1-855-796-9283 (Option 2) or