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Sustainable water technology.
SOURCE reusable water bottle with renewable water in it sits in the sand with SOURCE panels in the background

Changing the State of Water

You can revolutionize how you get your drinking water, and all it takes is sunlight and air.

How it Works

SOURCE® drinking water systems change the state of water, making clean drinking water for every person, in every place.

Powered by Hydropanel® Technology

The SOURCE drinking water system pulls water vapor from the air and uses sunlight to convert it to a pure liquid state, then mineralizes it for health and taste. It’s safely stored until you dispense it.

For Everyone, Everywhere


A low-impact solution that uses solar power to create a new source of drinking water in even the most remote locations.


Drinking water systems scalable to any size remove the logistics and cost of infrastructure or water delivery.


A customizable and rapidly deployable water source for your workers or guests, anywhere they need it.

Drinking water out of thin air? It's not magic. It's great engineering.

How it Works

Step 1

Our Hydropanel technology pulls water vapor from the atmosphere and turns it into liquid water using nothing other than solar power and air.

Step 2

From there, your SOURCE system mineralizes the drinking water for health and taste benefits.

Step 3

Your water is stored safely and kept clean until dispensed from a tap in a home, commercial building, school, or outdoor dispenser.
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"The deployment of climate-proof drinking water through SOURCE will help address the water supply problems in rural and off-grid areas, especially in small islands in the Philippines which lack access to both reliable drinking water and electricity.” - Mr. Yongping Zhai, Asian Development Bank Energy Sector Group Chief


"Now this could be part of the answer. These panels draw down water out of the atmosphere and they provide clean drinking water to towns like this one. Vital supplies, when everything else has disappeared." - Hugh C., Farmer Gundy, Australia


SOURCE water tastes great and when my local municipality had some problems with the water supply, I knew my family was safe. - Bre P., NY Homeowner

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