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Sustainable water technology.

Case Study

Patagonia and SOURCE® working to advance sustainable solutions to the world’s water crisis.

2 billion

number of people without access to safe drinking water globally.

1 million

number of plastic bottles sold every minute.


number of plastic water bottles offset by one Hydropanel® over it's lifetime.


Honolulu, Hawaii


Patagonia’s deep commitment to the environment is at the heart of their powerful brand and their success in generating exceptional customer loyalty. While the reusable water bottles Patagonia sells reduce plastic waste, they – and the customers they serve – are asking, “how do we make water sustainable?”

SOURCE Project

SOURCE Hydropanels installed at Patagonia’s flagship store will deliver premium-quality, completely renewable water to an in-store station where customers can fill their reusable bottles. The installation is a visible, high-touch representation of Patagonia’s sustainability commitment and brings the issue of clean, reliable water into the company’s brand story and initiatives.