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Sustainable water technology.

Case Study

Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing Community uses SOURCE® for their residents


plastic bottles of water to be offset.


residents supplied with drinking water.


increase in Long Beach homelessness from pre-pandemic.

Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing Community

Long Beach, California


Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing, a center designed for people making the transition from homelessness to more permanent housing, needed a way to give residents a resilient supply of high-quality drinking water, with no plastic waste. Around the world, lower-income populations are most likely to suffer from aging public water systems and infrastructure, leaving many community organizations looking for resilient, reliable sources of clean drinking water. In addition, recent crises in places like Texas and Jackson, Mississippi have exposed the fragility of America’s water systems and spurred many cities, counties and states to look for local, reliable water sources to back up their existing and often aging infrastructure.

SOURCE Project

Teams from California-based GRID Alternatives outfitted the Atlantic Farms Bridge Housing Community with technology that uses solar energy to produce clean, safe drinking water, entirely off the grid, and independent of existing infrastructure.