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Tecnología del agua sostenible.

Case Study

KAUST Smart Home integrates SOURCE into design.


staff and student homes.

15 Years

of drinking water.

Net Zero

goal for new homes.

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology

Saudi Arabia


A leading hub of scientific research and innovation, KAUST pushes the boundaries of innovation from the lab to real-world applications, making the university’s campus the world’s leading smart city living lab. A great example of this is the recently completed KAUST Smart Home, which is to be replicated to all the 2000+ staff and student homes in the university.

A man uses a tool for moving materials around in a warehouse

SOURCE Project

SOURCE was one of eight startups that collaborated with KAUST on the project, and the university has integrated our Hydropanel technology into the home’s design. Using just sunlight and air, the system produces enough premium drinking water to support a household of 2-4 people every day for 15 years, and is playing a vital role in KAUST’s goal of created a net-zero home.