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Tecnología del agua sostenible.

To change the state of water, you have to start at the source.

Water is the most crucial building block of all life, but not all water is created equal. To bring forward a better, safer, more sustainable standard for drinking water, we innovated at the source.

Leveraging our shared passion, expertise, and the technological solutions at our disposal, we’re transforming where you get your water from and doing for water what solar did for electricity–making it easier for more people in more places to get the resources they need to truly thrive.

Because when people are properly hydrated and don’t have to worry about their water source, they’re able to do the most good for themselves and their communities.


Composed of scientists, engineers, and changemakers, our team came together to reimagine how to source the water people need to live full, healthy lives. Everyday, we come to work with a uniting mission: to solve the crisis of global water insecurity and perfect the quality, taste, and access of your drinking water in the process.

We developed the SOURCE® Hydropanel® using our knowledge of thermodynamics and materials science to make it simpler for people to capture water for their homes, schools, worksites, communities, and more.

A Trailblazing Community

People around the world have joined the movement to change the state of water for their families, businesses, and communities. By partnering with SOURCE, our global community is working to turn the tide to shift water from a force for division to a powerful opportunity for good. Together, we’re changing the paradigm of water from a universal human right to universal human reality.

Making water a force for unlocking human potential.

For some, the struggle for consistent access to safe water can halt progress, disenfranchise the defenseless, and unfairly leave countless people behind. Together, with our customers, we forge a new path forward. For every SOURCE sustainable drinking water system sold, 10% of net profits fund Hydropanel farms in communities in need.

Join our growing team.

SOURCE is always on the lookout for curious and inspired people to help us bring premium water to people everywhere.

Our company is built on the values of courage, compassion and inclusivity and we’re continually nurturing a culture where employees are encouraged to cultivate a “Yes, if” mindset. If you want to help work toward positive, global change, we’d love to hear from you.