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Tecnología del agua sostenible.

Cambiando el estado del agua

Nuestra tecnología Hydropanel convierte el vapor de la atmósfera en agua potable limpia y fresca, para todos, en todas partes.

Serious problems require serious innovation.

We created SOURCE Hydropanel to reimagine humanity's relationship with water through innovation that prioritizes people.

How it Works

SOURCE Hydropanel technology incorporates multiple patented inventions alongside proprietary trade secrets, making it a one-of-a-kind renewable water solution that uses the power of the sun to produce pure water that is then mineralized for ideal pH and TDS, resulting in safe, premium quality drinking water.

Hydropanel is like a solar photovoltaic panel, but instead of creating electricity, it instead makes clean, safe drinking water without electric hookups or infrastructure, nearly anywhere in the world.

From Vapor to Liquid, in Five Steps


El sol impulsa ventiladores que introducen aire en el material higroscópico patentado que captura el vapor de agua.


La energía solar hace que los materiales liberen el vapor capturado en una corriente de aire concentrada.


Un controlador inteligente garantiza que el punto de rocío dentro del panel esté por encima de la temperatura ambiente, provocando la condensación pasiva de agua pura.


El agua pura está ozonizada para garantizar la esterilidad y mineralizada para la salud y el sabor.


El agua se conecta directamente a su hogar, oficina o dispensador independiente.

Not All Drinking Water is Created Equal

We go above and beyond the global standard for potable water, using breakthrough technology to make clean, mineralized water that's monitored for safety and calibrated for taste.

Perfectly Mineralized Water

Starting with the cleanest, purest water wasn't enough. We needed to perfect it – for health and for taste.

So we worked with water quality experts to model some of the world's most highly sought water. From there, we mineralized our own water with essential magnesium and calcium to increase absorption by the body, and refined the alkalinity and taste profile to craft a new experience in water.

Monitoreo de Calidad y Seguridad

Un transmisor inalámbrico dentro de cada sistema SOURCE Hydropanel permite a nuestro Centro de operaciones de red monitorear el rendimiento y solucionar cualquier problema de forma remota.

Champion a New Standard: Sustainable Water

SOURCE water is uncompromising on quality, safety, accessibility, and sustainability. We're setting a new standard for drinking water with technology that keeps both people and planet healthy and thriving.

Change the State of Your Water with SOURCE


Secure an independent supply of drinking water for your home or property by installing a SOURCE Hydropanel system.


Whether you're facing scarcity, contamination or failing infrastructure, SOURCE creates a new, sustainable supply of water for your community.


Sustain your off-grid operation with SOURCE water made 100% on-site at your remote worksite, school,or hospitality destination.

Preguntas frecuentes

Los hidropaneles SOURCE son instalados por nuestro experimentado equipo de instaladores y desarrolladores de proyectos.

La vida útil de los Hidropaneles SOURCE depende de cómo se mantienen y de las condiciones climáticas en las que se encuentran.

SOURCE cumple o supera los estándares de calidad del agua descritos en la Ley de Agua Potable Segura y los estándares locales en las instalaciones de SOURCE en todo el mundo.

  • SOURCE Hydropanel systems are low maintenance.  Like any standard appliance, periodic filter and cartridge changes are required based on use.
  • It is recommended to change the air filters located on the Hydropanel units once per year. The Hydropanel system air filters, carbon block, and mineralization cartridges near the dispenser should be changed once a year.
  • You can call +1 (855) 796-9283 or contact to schedule a maintenance visit by the SOURCE team or certified partner.

El material patentado de nuestro Hydropanel solo atrae moléculas puras de H2O, lo que garantiza que el agua FUENTE comience pura, a diferencia de la mayoría del agua que comienza sucia y debe limpiarse.

La calidad de su agua es nuestra principal prioridad. Es por eso que los hidropaneles están diseñados para proteger la calidad del agua a través de cinco pasos en el recorrido del agua:

  1. Un filtro de aire integrado evita que las partículas y los desechos lleguen al Hydropanel.
  2. Al extraer el vapor de agua del aire, SOURCE solo atrae moléculas de agua, dejando atrás todo lo que hay en el aire.
  3. El proceso de conversión dentro del Hydropanel eleva el punto de rocío para impulsar la condensación específicamente para el agua.
  4. El agua almacenada en su depósito está protegida por un sistema de esterilización integrado, lo que mantiene limpio el ambiente dentro del depósito y la calidad del agua impecable.
  5. Finalmente, un cartucho de pulido en el grifo garantiza que no haya variación en la calidad entre el depósito y el grifo.

SOURCE Hydropanel technology makes the most important water you need – the water you put in your body. Our Hydropanel systems are designed specifically to provide water for drinking and cooking, but arrays can be sized to meet any water production volume.

No. SOURCE utilizes solar power for the onboard systems required to produce water and charge the battery to ensure you can dispense water at night. SOURCE can easily coexist with a solar PV array on the same roof to generate energy for your home.

SOURCE produces water in a wide range of climates. The array at our headquarters in Arizona makes water year-long despite low relative humidity in a dry area.

No, SOURCE Hydropanel is completely off-grid and require no electricity. If you are pairing your system with a chilled dispenser, then an existing electricity source will need to be present.

This depends on how many people are being served and their drinking water consumption. Each Hydropanel unit will produce approximately 180 standard bottles of water per month.

Each Hydropanel unit's production is based on your location and is dependent on relative humidity and amount of sunlight.

SOURCE has several water storage solutions depending on your project needs – from smaller reservoirs to large scale SOURCE Access Stations and Commercial Reservoirs.

Once any size tank is full of SOURCE water, your Hydropanel array will continue to produce water which will then be redirected to an alternative vessel or directly into another ground area.

Hydropanel water starts from the purest source – atmospheric water vapor, unlike most water which starts dirty and has to be cleaned.

Since Hydropanel systems are a solar-powered technology, SOURCE requires exposure to sunlight to make water. Hydropanel array installations in severely cloudy areas may experience lower-than-average production. We encourage customers in these areas to include an additional Hydropanel units in your array to meet your water needs.

SOURCE Hydropanel systems are recommended for locations without a prolonged freeze. When temperatures reach freezing, the system enters hibernation mode and does not produce water or deliver water to the reservoir during that time. Water production and delivery resume when the temperature rises above freezing.

A single Hydropanel unit is 8ft long x 4ft wide x 8.5in tall. The overall height of the unit will depend on your latitude location.

The SOURCE Hydropanel lifespan depends on the weather conditions at the installation location and simple maintenance.

We offer in-house service and work with local Certified SOURCE Installation partners to make sure your array receives immediate attention should it need servicing. To schedule service you can reach us at +1-855-796-9283 or