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Sustainable water technology.

Change the State of Your Business

From drinking water insecurity to drinking water sustainability.

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Advanced, Reliable, Scalable.

That's the kind of drinking water your business needs to thrive. With SOURCE®, drinking water is produced by an on-site Hydropanel® array, removing the logistics and cost of water delivery while promoting long-term health and wellness.

A Solution for Every Application


No plastic, no trucking, and rapidly deployable. Drinking water with no limits, no matter where your worksite sits.


Clean, safe drinking water made on campus and piped directly to dispensers for your students and staff.

Hospitality and Destinations

A unique amenity for sustainability-minded tourism. Provide guests with ultra-premium drinking water by your onsite system.

Powered by Hydropanel® Technology

SOURCE systems produce pure water from air and sunlight, then mineralize it for health and taste. It’s then safely stored until it's dispensed.

Three Steps to Your New Source

Step 1

Your SOURCE account partner guides you through the design of your drinking water system, factoring in your needs, location, humidity, and any existing infrastructure.

Step 2

Our team designs your SOURCE system from Hydropanel to dispenser according to the specifications provided, ships your array, and schedules your installation.

Step 3

During installation, our team handles everything from start to finish. Your drinking water system will begin producing as soon as the sun comes up!
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“A first step in building resilience is having access to clean drinking water after a disaster. The elegance in this solution is that it provides that to the facility while also displacing plastic water bottles that are contributors to our climate challenge. ” - Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group Founder 


“The SOURCE Hydropanels have brought a lot of joy to the school. The kids were able to go up to the dispenser, push the button, have water flow out, and taste it for the first time. The expressions on their faces basically said everything to describe what it was like to have clean and safe water within their own classrooms.” - Malaak Compton-Rock, Founder & Executive Director, Angel Rock Foundation


“At first, I was not fully convinced that Hydropanels would generate premium drinking water in the middle of the hot environment like our SOURCE Field in the Platinum Heritage Desert Camp, but now, I am a witness that SOURCE Water in the middle of the desert isn’t a mirage, it’s a reality.” - Arthur Ortiz, General Manager at Platinum Heritage  

Where do you need water?

SOURCE is a renewable drinking water solution for communities and organizations of all kinds. Let us know how we can help you.