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Sustainable water technology.

Indigenous Philippines community receives renewable drinking water

Indigenous Philippines community receives renewable drinking water
/ François-Xavier Cyr

Binta’t Karis is approximately a five hour drive from the nearest major city, and located in the protected area of Mount Mantalingahan, the highest point on the Philippines’ fifth largest island. The 100+ students (and families) needed access to safe, secure drinking water as dehydration and frequent illness are a constant struggle for the community. Until recently, Binta’t Karis residents had to dig out the river banks for water, or carry it in heavy containers to their homes. In summer the river frequently dries up, limiting their access to any source of water.

SOURCE Project

In a third partnership with Conservation International and in support of the Philippines government’s efforts to expand water access in the Palawan area, SOURCE installed 40 Hydropanels in Binta’t Karis, one of the most remote communities in the Philippines.

With an accessible source of safe drinking water, women have more time in productive activities that benefit themselves and their families. This serves as a model which can be replicated in other villages.” 
Jeanne Tabangay. Program Manager, Conservation International